Hello world, I'm Baptiste

I'm a software engineer and product manager focused on building great music-making experiences for everyone.

A little intro 👋

After 6 years working for a major music industry company as a software engineer and product manager, I now combine these experiences and competences to bring a new music-making app to the Android market.

I'm strongly interested in delivering audio products with an emphasis on usability for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Being a software engineer at heart, app performance is a crucial component in the work I produce. I am experienced in creating complex, multithreaded and efficient software architectures in both audio and user interface domains.

I'm currently open to freelance work on any topic related to Android audio or desktop plugin development.

Let's work together

Experience 🚀

I started my career as an intern at Arturia back in 2015, studying the potential of the Android platform for real time audio processing by porting synth plugins on smartphones. I spent the following 3 years as a software engineer, developing emulations of famous vintage synthesizers as desktop audio plugins, bundled under the V Collection software suite. I then switched to product management and became the main designer of the upcoming V Collection titles, for another 3 years.

I now dedicate a significant chunk of my time doing freelance work for other audio/music software companies. I use modern C++ programming to build efficient, real-time audio applications. I'm comfortable working with the JUCE framework or the VST3 SDK, and I'm experienced in building infrastructures supporting continuous integration and delivery using mainly CMake and Python.

While building my app Polaris, I've developed a custom cross-platform C++ codebase letting me make most of the development through a VST plugin using Xcode. Cross-compilation allows it to run on Android, providing a seamless experience between the two platforms. This framework provides GPU rendered graphical interfaces, which makes more room for audio processing, hence resulting in a more stable app overall.

Android 🤖

As a long time Android user and electronic music producer, I've often been frustrated by the limited offer of dedicated music-making apps on the Play Store. By the end of 2019 I decided to combine all my previous work experiences into one dedicated product and started to work on Polaris, a sampler/groovebox app for Android.

Audio latency has been a big issue on Android for quite some time, but it has improved significantly over the years. I've been following its evolution since my internship back in 2015, and I am convinced that the OS is now developed enough for serious audio processing applications.

From a design perspective, making the most of screen space whilst keeping the interface intuitive and efficient can be quite challenging. The whole development journey allowed me to converge to a state I consider quite well balanced in that regard, thanks to user feedback.

My hope is that Polaris will create new opportunities for people willing to use their phones as music-making devices, matching the philosophy of the growing DAW-less setup trend.

If you are interested in developing audio applications for Android, checkout my course on Music Hackspace, or join the dedicated Discord server.